Move is Complete – Home at Last

We moved from the apartment to our new home, just over two weeks ago (it only took 7 months). While it has been great to get out of the apartment, I can’t say that I am used to the house yet. After being cramped in an apartment (7 of us, and for a while there were 8), the house seems HUGE. Moving to a space 3 times larger is made for feelings of being…well…small. I crawl into bed at night lost in the openness.
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Front of House View from front of House


Thers is space for people to call their own and to be alone. I finally have a small part that I can call my own, with a home office. (Part of the deal to get a new house.) I have my books (Adrienne did not ever want to put up my Political Science or Computer books with her Shakespeare and Charlotte Brontë. ), computers and stuff now close to me and accessible for use.</p> <p>
<div style="text-align: center;font-family: arial;font-family:arial"> My Office

I guess I can also call part of the family room mine too. Let’s just say it was a good birthday!


One of the hard parts has been getting everything in place. Adrienne’s brother and his family were coming two weeks after we first got in (So, yes, they are here now.) Adrienne, being Adrienne, wanted everything in place before they arrived. That added just a little bit more stress to the wanting to get things in place and put away. We didn’t get everything done (we are still missing some blinds for the back windows downstairs), but enough to make her happy. I guess I should enjoy it before she starts to get antsy about the landscaping!