About Jared Ottley

My name is Jared Ottley. I am an Engineer at Alfresco Software. I started at Alfresco in 2007 as a Solutions Engineer. I’ve also worked as a Senior Consultant and an Integrations Engineer while at Alfresco.

I’ve worked with Alfresco customers not only in the US and Canada, but also Australia and Japan. As an Integration Engineer I worked on integrations with Jive, Dropbox, Google Docs/Drive and Salesforce.

I founded the Alfresco PDF Toolkit project. You can find several other Alfresco Add-ons that I’ve developed under the Projects link above.

Before Alfresco, I worked as a QA Engineer at Novell. I worked on the OES Integration Test Team as the Linux Technical Lead , QA testing components and features of Netware, OES 1 & 2 and SLES 10. I covered storage aspects of those products (Netware: Hardlinks, NFS APIs, Byte Range and Cross-Protocol Byte Range Locks, OPLocks; OES Linux: NSS Hardlinks, NSS NFS APIs, NSS VFS, NSS xAttr; SLES10: Mulitpath and Storage Management). I also worked on install, configuration, virtualization with XEN, LUM (Linux User Management), Linux Platform Patching and Updates, and Dynamic Storage Technologies(Shadow Volumes).

Prior to Novell I worked for the US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in several positions. At the Court of Appeals I helped to develop an Event Management web application (first in Cold Fusion then as a J2EE application). I maintained applications written in several different languages. I worked the Help Desk providing hardware and desktop support for court users in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. I was the administrator of a small web hosting service for federal courts across the Central US.

I have a degree in Political Science with a minor in Philosophy. My area of focus was Campaigns and Elections with a primary emphasis on the use of the internet as a campaign tool.